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Reasons for Unpublishing The Eternal Reflection

To re-edit and re-publish another time as 4 books instead

(Outdated as of Oct 2022: I have released the 2nd Edition of The Eternal Reflection!)

Although my 4 books' reviews were good, few people were buying them and I found the reason: nobody wants to buy a 2000 page book!

So my solution now is simple: break up the volume into 4 independent books.

I have likewise been severely burned out since I am just a single person doing all the drafting, editing, website, marketing, etc. - this has unfortunately burned me out completely and I need to recover.

So now, I will get another beta-reader so I can polish the books more, and per the readers' feedback, improve each book 1 by 1.

I wish to start slow instead, instead of having all 4 books out at once.

This will take probably a lot of time before the 1st book is released again.

A lot of improvements will be made to all 4 books with bonus content to replace those I feel could be made much better.

I also wish to hire a literary agent to seek traditional publishing instead.

I kindly ask you all for your patience and understanding, but this, together with many personal and private issues have caught up to me.

I have not given up on my readers and works. I know I have a target audience, and have, fortunately, based on interviews, found out who they are.

I shall write to this group.

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