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The Eternal Reflection

“The cosmos is not a reflection to be studied. We must experience it. We must become one with its eternal flow and rhythms.”

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The 2nd Edition of The Eternal Reflection is Ready!

Pre-orders are out on Amazon Kindle. E-book Release on 18 Nov 2022.

After unpublishing for 6 months, The Eternal Reflection is ready to be re-published as 4 separate books! It is a 2nd edition with extremely thorough improvements.

The changes made are enormous, having many content additions, pictures, editorial enhancements, better flow, and improved plot/character resolutions. 

The 2nd edition is better in every way.

The cost is only 99¢, 99¢, 99¢, and $1.99 per book.

Sorry, book 4 is $1.99 because, after compression, my file exceeded 3MB. Amazon won't allow me to set below that.

Click the link below to see the thorough list of changes, and to all my 7 books on my Amazon profile page.

Joined 7_edited.jpg
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The Eternal Reflection Novels

A Spiritual Journey into the Dark Night of the Soul

For fans of: The Alchemist, Tuesdays with Morris, The 5 People You Meet in Heaven, Sophie's World, Theo's Odyssey, Story of Your Life, Life of Pi, Lord of the Rings, Dune, Cloud Atlas, The Vampire Lestat, The Three-Body Problem, The Dispossessed, Odd Thomas, Twelve Years A Slave, The Shack, and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Release Date: 18 Nov 2022

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Book 1 Safe Font.jpg

The Eternal Reflection Book 1: Zelkova Rising (2nd Edition)

They call it the eternal reflection. And to decipher it is to unravel the universe’s spiritual and philosophical secrets.

Ni’vim, an unsure but pensive avian girl, grew up in a world of peace and has just reached adulthood. Her home brims with green skies, blue plants, mythical creatures, and dark elementals.

Now, vile demons from Sckogol, the infernal realm, stampede out of portals and burn her people and culture to ashes.

Time is irreversible, so she can never return to paradise.

But with the ominous return of Qeazor, a cosmic terror that promises bloodshed and the fall of her world, comes a flicker of hope—

If she can marry the inspirational teachings of a sacred book with the divine symbol’s wisdom, she may find courage in overcoming the world’s travails and pains.

Will she keep her promise to her father, defy all odds, and harness the symbol’s philosophical secrets to embody courage and overcome loss and death?

Or will she wilt like a fallen zelkova and descend into nothingness?

Book 2 Enhanced22Artefact-min (1).jpg

The Eternal Reflection Book 2: The Ei'lari Legacy (2nd Edition)

Ei’lara. It is an ancient tongue that harbors the universe’s spiritual and philosophical wisdom.

Ni’vim, an unsure and pensive avian girl, is ravaged by the massacre of her people. No longer does her hometown, Phos’rrah, exist. She now lives in Hoskiuros, a village blazing with racism and religious bigotry.

Many see her as an outcast because of her curse, called the white malady, and covet her death.

Powerless but resolute, she vows to unravel Ei’lara. While she trains with her mentor to harness the tongue’s secrets, she faces many sinister challenges.

Ni’vim begins descending into darkness during her journey after making an irreversible moral choice.

However, somewhere in Ei’lara lies the secrets that may dispel the illusion of the material world and help her rise above her evilness—

If she can decipher and wield the tongue, she may avert tragedy and staunch the flames of hatred and bigotry.

Will Ni’vim survive her attackers, unravel the language, overcome all obstacles, and overpower the hatred within her?

Or will she sink further into darkness until hatred consumes her?

Book 3 Safe Font-Improv.jpg

The Eternal Reflection Book 3: Darkness Unveiled (2nd Edition)

Thus Spake Oneness. It is the name of the sacred tome that houses many philosophical and spiritual tenets to solve many life problems.

After deciphering the ancient tongue of Ei’lara, Ni’vim, a pensive and unsure avian girl, now wants to uphold her father’s vow by getting excerpts of the sacred tome. She currently dwells with her mentor, Shanyrria, an aged wizard with a dark secret.

During Ni’vim’s mission, she uncovers Shanyrria’s past, leading to a cascade of crises and conflicts with her mentor.

Qeazor and a shadowy presence within Shanyrria influence her. Now, the sinister darkness in her threatens to destroy everything around her—

However, if Ni’vim gets the sacred tome’s philosophical teachings, they might provide solutions to quell the evil within her mentor.

Can Ni’vim grow from the turmoil, become wiser, overcome all demonic forces, and help her mentor dispel the darkness in her?

Or will Shanyrria become a darkness incarnate that would bring ruin to all things?

Book 4 ARM Fixed-min (1).jpg

The Eternal Reflection Book 4: The Fallen Zelkova (2nd Edition)

They call it the eternal reflection. This sacred symbol promises the greatest philosophical lesson and secret of the cosmos’ spiritual nature.

With Ni’vim having fulfilled some of her father’s promises, the avian girl now has newfound confidence in furthering her mission. Shanyrria, her mentor, an aged wizard, is free of her prior traumas and can now accompany her.

However, demons from Sckogol invade the world through portals. Leea’doch, her world, now blazes with embers. Ni’vim faces two nemeses - Raielas, who leads an army to destroy her kind, and Qeazor, who threatens to erase all life.

If Raielas succeeds, Ni’vim’s people will turn into ashes.

However, Ni’vim and Shanyrria both seek an ancient fortress that could shelter their people and provide clues to the eternal reflection—

If they find it, they may uncover the sacred symbol’s power, allowing them to dispel the eternal night that descends upon the world.

Will Ni’vim save her people, overcome her hatred for Raielas, and uncover the symbol’s spiritual secrets?

Or will the duo fail and doom their people to eternal extinction?


The Eternal Reflection Book 5: Title not decided yet (1st Edition)

The first draft of 110,000 words is done! Editing in progress!

I'm happy with the first draft. It combines the best elements of all previous 4 books. I feel it's the best work I've ever written.

Books 6, 7, & 8 have been planned. I have fully outlined their plot.

In fact, I already planned the novel series' ending in books 12+.

Not available yet
Book 6 cover_edited_edited.jpg

The Eternal Reflection Book 6: Title not decided yet (1st Edition)

Book 6 has 105,000 words drafted.

Editing is underway.

Although it's the first draft, it came out quite well with pretty high-paced action and excellent moral choices interwoven with sociological and philosophical themes. Minimal info-dumps and organic dialogue and interwoven worldbuilding.

Not available yet
Book 7 Cover_edited.jpg

The Eternal Reflection Book 7: Title not decided yet (1st Edition)

Book 7 has 110,000 words drafted.

Yep, book 7 is already being drafted. It has a very significant emphasis on meditative philosophy and practices.

Not available yet

The Eternal Reflection Book 8: Title not decided yet (1st Edition)

Book 8 has 20,000 words drafted.

Not available yet
Autumn’s tree_edited.jpg

Other Novels & Books

Less serious works done only as a hobby,

Home: Projects
Zelkova Speaks Cover 2 (Titled)-min.jpg

Thus Spake Oneness Book 1: Zelkova Speaks

Allegories for Spiritual Growth

Why does God not answer our prayers? What is the purpose of evil? Why do challenges and suffering exist? What makes a fulfilling life? How do we be our true selves? And what is the root of all conflict in this world?

Inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra. The book, Zelkova Speaks, is a collection of spiritual and philosophical allegories, fables, and parables. It covers spiritual growth, free will, suffering, existential angst, the afflictions of modern society, Zen, and cosmic consciousness. Every page is full of entertaining insights into the human condition and provides solutions to life’s many problems. With simple prose, Thus Spake Oneness series gives clear and wise revelations on spirituality.


Fans have told me they love the Thus Spake Oneness excerpts in books 1 to 4. Thus, I have written short anthologies comprising similar, short, philosophical, and spiritual sagas.

This new series is just a hobby and respite from The Eternal Reflection novels. They are very short, and I wrote them just for casual fun, unlike the seriousness of my main novels.

Thus Spake Book 2 Cover 2.jpg

Thus Spake Oneness Book 2: Star-Weaver Speaks

Allegories for Spiritual Growth

Does free will exist? Are we all separate or unitary beings? Is enlightenment merely a state of bliss or a perpetual journey? How does the law of karma affect us? What are the law of attraction and the law of cause and effect? Why does time exist? What lies in the future of human spiritual evolution?

Inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra. The book, Star-Weaver Speaks, is a collection of spiritual and philosophical allegories, fables, and parables. It covers spiritual growth, free will, suffering, the illusions of Maya, time, and space, the paradoxes of divinity, enlightenment, and cosmic consciousness. Every page is full of entertaining insights into the human condition and provides solutions to life’s many problems. With simple prose, the Thus Spake Oneness series gives clear and wise revelations on spirituality.

Thus Spake Oneness book 3: First Voice Speaks

Thus Spake Oneness Book 3: First Voice Speaks

Allegories for Spiritual Growth

To be released soon.

It will uncover the cosmogony of The Eternal Reflection.

Coming soon!
Dark night magic scene. An open book, a

Novel Series Details

2nd Edition Re-publication with Vastly Enhanced Editorial Quality and Content Additions

Main Genre: Spiritual Fiction, Dark Fantasy

Sub-genre: Some books are Psychological Thrillers. All have action-adventure elements.

Themes: Existentialism, Eastern Philosophy, Eastern Spirituality

Book Type: Blend of genre and literary fiction

Book Focus: Character-focused plot-driven with many themes

Title of 4 Books within Volume 1: 1) Zelkova Rising, 2) The Ei'lari Legacy, 3) Darkness Unveiled, 4) The Fallen Zelkova

Target Audience: New Adult (18 to 30) and Adult (31 or higher)

Readability: Fairly easy to read (readability grade of 5) 

Book Length: Respectively for all 4 books: 124000, 110000, 110000, 117000.

Book Cost: USD 0.99, USD 0.99, USD 0.99, USD 1.99 per book respectively.

English Variant: American English

Where to Buy: Amazon Kindle

Release: 18 Nov 2022 (Pre-orders out now)

Updates: The manuscript will be updated if I find errors. 

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Praise for The Eternal Reflection

“I am so impressed with Aquila Goh’s writing and stunningly beautiful prose that elevated the spiritual-philosophical fantasy books to unbelievable heights.”

S.G. Blaise, 5-time award-winning novelist & 2-time Eric Hoffer Finalist of The Last Lumenian novel series.

“Your writing is beautiful and artistic, I love it! I like your prose, poetry, and spiritual wisdom. Astoundingly high standard! Your book is topnotch!”

Samantha B, Adra, ASEAN scholar, translator of The Lotus Sutra, and author of Tara Zenyora.

"Aquila Goh is one of the most creative and intelligent, newly emerged writer that shakes the literature scene of Singapore."

Muhammad Amirul Amru, TCK Publisher novel award nominee, and acclaimed author of First Under Heaven & A Song for Zenith

“Thought-provoking and beautifully crafted, the Eternal Reflection marks an incredible debut from Aquila Goh.”

C.M. Lackner, author of the acclaimed Path of Darkness novel series.

“Riveting and profound. A tour de force.”

Goh Yi Han, Law Professor.

“Your quotes, wisdom and philosophy are ingrained with this masterpiece. Also, I think it's genius that you made this into a fictional story, but at the same time allows you to explore different through processes flawlessly.”

NuclearAgent, content creator and well-known Twitch streamer.

“I am really enjoying getting to know the lovely young lady who is embarking on finding meaning for her life. She seems to represent a lot of us who want to feel there is more to life than mundane restrictions that have been placed on us by our societies.”

An ARC opt-in reader.

“Omfg, that book is definitely intense like seriously some deep thought within it … I love it for sure. I feel it’s very enlightening and the deep process of which your mind can comprehend the words in this book is absolutely mind blowing.”—

An ARC opt-in reader and Twitch streamer, No_EzKillz.

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Imagine a picture book of an ancient boo

Major Traits of the Novel Series

This is not an ordinary novel series. It combines the ideas of many disciplines to formulate a cosmic philosophy and spirituality.

Home: Image
Front Page Promo 1.png

Incredible Illustrations

Other than the book cover, I illustrated all black and white images in the books all by myself. There are many drawings, visual conceptual diagrams, and artificial language excerpts in the first volume.

Home: Image
Front Page Promo 2.png

Extreme Worldbuilding

I spent more than a year planning and creating the entire world of Leea'doch before I started to write the novel series. Its history, cultures, ethnic groups, civilizations, technology, religions, spirituality, languages - all were crafted painstakingly.

Home: Image
Symbol 2 enhanced.png

Synergy of Plot, Character, and Theme

Unlike many books, where the trio are written in parallels, I have written the three to blend harmoniously with one another and co-evolve over time until it reaches fruition in an integrated philosophy and worldview. This is tremendously difficult for authors to achieve and mandates much experience.

Credits to Alejandro Colucci for the spiral image.

Home: Image
Bewitched Book With Magic Glows In The Darkness

Profoundly Deep Philosophy and Spirituality

Drawing from a synthesis of Eastern and Western philosophy, religions, and spirituality, I have created a seamless and integrated model of cosmic spirituality. I delivered it non-technically so people can understand better.

Home: Image
Abstract ocean- ART. Natural Luxury. Sty

Artistic and Poetic Galore

The entire first volume alone has about 40 poems and songs. It also has more than a hundred illustrations of symbols, places, languages, and spells. The prose has a literary, gentle, evocative, sensual, and poetic touch to it, while being extremely readable. Readers say I have similar prose to Patricia McKillip, but more mystical, philosophical, and masculine.

Home: Image
Front Page Promo 3_edited.jpg

Three Artificial Languages

I created three major languages - Ei'lara, Kol'lara, and Sha'vilo, alongside several minor ones, just for this novel series. These are not ordinary languages - some are visual, non-linear, and use unorthodox logical structures. They form the structure of an integrated model of spirituality in future volumes.

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Background image of swirling flames appr

Battles and Fury

Being an adventure novel alongside its primarily philosophical genre, it has many battles written with mature language. As the first volume progresses, the story, violence, and battles get increasingly dark, violent, bloody, Lovecraftian, and brutal. There is plenty of psychological horror.

Home: Image
Front Page Promo 5_edited_edited.jpg

Rich in Themes

The novel series covers many psychological, existential, spiritual, sociological, philosophical, and theological themes and offers solutions. I do this in a layman and non-technical manner that is easily understood. The authors are not named, but their concepts are used.

Home: Image
Front Page Promo 4_edited.jpg

Clear Ideas

Although abstract, many ideas covered in the novel series have been explained very simply and clearly. I have also included many self-illustrated diagrams and summaries to make understanding easy.

Home: Image
Jungle landscape with flowing turquoise

Flows like Water

After an extensive editing by noting the 100 most common writing mistakes, such as redundancies, irrelevant chapters, over-elaboration, lack of synthesis, and lack of focus, I have drafted a novel series that flows like water. Nearly everything is relevant, focused, and converges upon its final synthesis of many philosophical themes in books 2, 3, and 4. Combined with top-notch editing software and analyzers, the rate of grammatical and typolographical error is about only 1 in 10,000.

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Imagine a picture book of an ancient boo

Quality & Quantity

Numbering 460,000 words, the first volume has 4 books within: 1) Zelkova Rising, 2) The Ei'lari Legacy, 3) The Darkness in the Mirror, 4) The Fallen Zelkova. There is more than enough content to justify its low price! A high degree of professionalism and 6 years of writing experience ensure that the novels are of the highest quality!

Home: Image

A Long-Term Novel Series

I have planned and scripted all 2 to 3 future volumes already, which will be edited slowly and released over many years. This is a long-term project with lots of love, dedication, planning, and commitment put into it. I will ensure that I will not disappoint my readers.

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Image by Markus Winkler

Continued Updates from Feedback

I will update and re-upload my manuscript for a free download on the Amazon Kindle page based on feedback and newly spotted errors

Home: Image
Starry Night With Lonely Tree

Latest News

Latest updates on The Eternal Reflection and other progress!

27 Sep 2022: Am preparing to publish. I am streamlining the website, blurbs, meta-optimization, and others.

26 Sep 2022: Books 1 to 4's 2nd edition will be published mid-Nov 2022. Books 5 and 6 are written and are going through editing. Also wrote a short spin-off novel.

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Dark night magic scene. An open book, a


Here you will find free chapter samples and descriptions of the novel series and who I am.

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fantasy seascape on another planet.jpg


Home: List
Symbol Transparent Background.png

What the Novel Series is About

What is this novel series about? Well, it is a philosophical, spiritual, psychological, and existential fantasy story. Read more to find out about its inspiration, themes, evolution, and future developments!

Symbol Transparent Background.png

Personal Background

Want to know more about the mastermind behind this piece of literature? Click here and be surprised that he is also a high-level Tetris player and streamer!

Symbol Transparent Background.png

The Process of Creating This Novel Series

Curious about the precise thought processes that went into this piece of work? It spanned many years and here is the gist of the blood, sweat, and tears put into it!


Themes and Novel Samples

Home: List
Symbol Transparent Background.png

Important Themes of The Eternal Reflection

Any novel has something to take away. The Eternal Reflection principle is the most important thing that I hope my readers would at least retain.

Symbol Transparent Background.png

Themes and Lessons of Volume One

The summary of Volume One's moral and philosophical themes and lessons are in here!

Symbol Transparent Background.png

Free Novel Illustration Samples

I illustrated many parts of the book myself. Here is a brief idea of what pictures and concepts there are in the books!

Beautiful waterfall nature scenery of co

Novel Samples and Miscellaneous

Home: List
Symbol Transparent Background.png

Novel Samples and Free Chapters

8 free chapter samples and a gallery of other prose samples are ready and released for the public! More may be added here in the future!

Symbol Transparent Background.png

Book Summaries

The visual and written summaries of books 1 to 4 are here. Spoiler alert!

Symbol Transparent Background.png

Future Volumes and Works

Wondering what I will do after Volume 1 has been published? This section will showcase my intentions with future volumes and other works

Symbol Transparent Background.png

Questions & Answers

A compiled list of questions and answers.


Marketing and Reviews

Home: List
Symbol Transparent Background.png

Book Reviews

I will update this section with book reviews once I get them! Stay put!

Symbol Transparent Background.png

Marketing Plans

This site contains the details of how I intend to promote and market my novel series.

Symbol Transparent Background.png


Any mistakes or errors found in my novels will be detailed here, as time progresses.

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Subscriber Resources

Resources and files for subscribers of the novel series.

About Aquila Goh

Aquila is the pen name for the mystic author of "The Eternal Reflection" novel series.

He has a master's degree (M.A.) in Existential Sociology. An auto-didact, he has studied dozens of disciplines independently and has read thousands of books. When he is free, he loves to play video games, watch documentaries, read, and stream on Twitch. Of special interest to him is Tetris, of which he is one of the most knowledgeable players in the world.

Although well-read in many fields, he is currently most interested in the following academic subjects: philosophy, religion, spirituality, psychology, literature, creative writing, and sociology.

He hopes to help humanity by imparting his philosophy to them through his novels. If he becomes very successful one day, he hopes to voluntarily help others through charity.

Mystic Novelist.jpg
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