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Artificial Languages

Artificial Languages: Text

To imbue life into my novels and convey certain spiritual ideas, I created at least 5 artificial languages. Three of them are: Sha'vilo, Ei'lara, and Kol'lara. What are they about? Well, if I told you, it would spoil the novel series! Thus, if one cannot speak of such, one must therefore be silent.

Artificial Languages: Text


The language of the Sha'reena

Sha'reeni language has more alphabets and vowels compared to English. However, it contains a different subject-verb-object agreement, has honorifics, and proverbial properties. It is written in strange manners to cast spells in Kimdu and Quara. The spatial orientation of each symbol in relation to the rest determines the nature of the spell.

Artificial Languages: Text


The lost language of the ancients

Ei'lara is the core language that Ni'vim seeks to decipher as part to a promise to someone. No one knows what it does; however, language plays an integral role in shaping one's perceptions. This strange language is written in higher dimensions, and does not subscribe to normal logic, causation, and time flowing into the future. Ni'vim only knows that within it lies the secret of the Eternal Reflection.

Artificial Languages: Text


Their language

Nobody knows who they are. We simply know that they are coming, and will play an integral role in the entire novel series. We also know that they spoke Kol'lara - the masculine analog of Ei'lara, which represents the feminine and creative nature of the cosmos.

Artificial Languages: Text
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Sample Symbols and Sentences of My Invented Languages

Below you will see the immense worldbuilding I have put into working out the languages. I have a file where I catalog the meanings and grammar of every word and sentence. However, I wish to refine it first before I add it into the appendices of my future novel volumes.

Artificial Languages: Text
Artificial Languages: Pro Gallery
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