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Future Volumes and Works

Future Works: Welcome

I will post updates on my future works and volumes of the Eternal Reflection. Other peripheral works will also be posted here if I have plans.

Future Works: Text
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The Eternal Reflection - Books 5, 6, 7, & 8

To be updated!

Once books 1 to 4's second edition are published, I will take a loooooong break, for at least 5 weeks.

Then, I will finish editing books 5 and 6, and then write books 7 and 8.

The plan is to release 2 books per year, following a rapid release option.

I will update this site accordingly when I begin to work on it!

Below is a gallery of the progress.

Future Works: Text
Future Works: Pro Gallery
red alien landscape with alone tree over

The Eternal Reflection - Books 9 to 12

To be updated!

I intend to have precisely 12 books. This may change.

I already planned out the ending.

Future Works: Text
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