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Philosophy Visualized

Conceptual Diagrams of Spiritual and Philosophical Ideas

Spiritual healing life concept: Silhouet
Philosophy Visualized: Text

I love to use illustrations to improve the clarity of my ideas. I find them a great way to summarize concepts visually so that people can instantly understand them at a single glance. Here is a sneak peek of some of my diagrams.

I also introduce the core means by which philosophy is conveyed in the novel, such as the fictional "Thus Spake Oneness" texts.

Philosophy Visualized: Text
Bewitched Book With Magic Glows In The D

Thus Spake Oneness

The Sha'reeni holy book

Ni'vim's people have a book that contains many spiritual messages. However, it is incomplete right now. Its excerpts provide solutions of many of life's travails. Would Ni'vim be able to seek out its fragments and complete it? What does this mystical trove of knowledge contain that is so important to her people?

Its contents span a large spectrum. Some consist of parables, poems, riddles, songs, visual puzzles, mathematics, and scholastic texts.

Philosophy Visualized: Text

The Eternal Reflection Symbol

Ni'vim is shown this symbol throughout the book. It is not known what it means. However, she knows that it denotes a spiritual principle that is responsible for molding all life and existence. Ni'vim vows to decipher it one day. Read the novel to find out what it is!

We only know briefly that it unravels the mystery of whether we have freedom and moral responsibility in the cosmos.

Symbol created by the legendary artist, Alejandro Colucci

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red alien landscape with alone tree silh

Trees and Zelkovas

Zelkovas mean a lot in the novel series. In fact, in the book cover, you see Ni'vim holding the golden book called "Thus Spake Oneness." Its front cover has a Zelkova with a ring around it. As you read on, you will find out its significance.

The symbol of wisdom, hope, and fortitude

Philosophy Visualized: Text
Book of the universe - opened magic book

Sample Illustrations within Thus Spake Oneness

The Sha'reeni holy bible contains many esoteric messages. Below is a sample of its conceptual illustrations. Each conveys a spiritual philosophy and tenet, which has a profound impact on one's life.

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Philosophy Visualized: Pro Gallery
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