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I am not a professional illustrator. However, I have done my best to at least imbue life into my novels by drawing some crucial things. One of them is the map of Leea'doch, where the novel series takes place.

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Saturn - Elements of this Image Furnishe


The sentient planet

Lura'doch is a sentient planet with 3 different layers. The physical realm is Leea'doch, where the novel's story first takes place. Sckogol is an infernal realm that exists in a higher spiritual frequency. Altendoch is the highest celestial realm. All are joined and this connection strengthens with the "Collisions of Worlds." Its surface glows with blue due to a mixture of blue, green, and purple flora.

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Gloomy surreal woods with lights and blu

The Blue Lands

Ni'vim's home is full of blue, lush grasslands and forests. This parallels their azure feathers and skins.

Ni'vim's home

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Extraterrestrial landscape of distant ic

Twin Moons

Fem’kara and Lu’deera

Leea'doch has two moons. The Sha'reena refer to them as Fem’kara and Lu’deera respectively. Because of this, the planet experiences high tidal forces at times and makes it more volcanically active. The two moons are both gendered male and female respectively due to their spiritual energies.

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Where the story begins

This is my illustration of Leea'doch. The blue lands, in the extreme West, is where Ni'vim begins her adventure. More details of each area will be revealed as I publish more volumes. I am keeping it a surprise!

Map Improved.png
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Night sea on green sky background.jpg

The skies are not just blue!

Due to the higher atmospheric pressure, the skies are sometimes green. During the day, it transitions into cerulean, and then into blue. Green is most prevalent early in the day.

Green Skies

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Celestial Mechanics

A binary star system

Leea'doch is part of a binary star system. It revolves around the twin stars, Ich'tor and Sinou, in an hour-glass shape. This makes its seasons very diverse, but still predictable.

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Fairy Tree In Mystic Forest

Blue Flora

The blue lands, where the Sha'reena live, are indigo due to their colored chlorophyll. This makes the surface of many continents slightly bluish when viewed from space.

An exotic planet

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Extraterrestrial panoramic view inside m

Purple, Green, and Indigo Shades

The world contains green, blue, and purple algae, moss, and flora. This exotic combination is made more alluring when the flora glow with a faint iridescence of purple at night.

A really alien and mystical world

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 Spirit Orbs attracted to Ancient Oak Tr


Living spirits inhabit the world

Leea'doch comprises many living, sentient spirits called Vi'osla. They roam about through the meridians of the world. Without them, Vi'la would not exist. You need Vi'la to create forms of wizardry, which the Sha'reena call Vi'la Re. Its two forms include Kimdu and Quara.

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Extraterrestrial panoramic view inside m


Ni'vim's village is located on a plain. However, around her village lies many different caverns, hills, and strange topologies. Each one is imbued with much alien vegetation.

Ni'vim's village

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Ni'vim and the Sha'reena

An avian humanoid species

Ni'vim's species all have azure feathers and skin. However, as the story progresses, Ni'vim morphs into something aberrant. All Sha'reena are about 5 years below a human being's development in terms of individuality, ambition, and independence. However, they are 5 years ahead in terms of philosophical capacity. Throughout most of volume 1, Ni'vim is about 18 years old, in Earth years.

The Sha'reena evolved from a common ancestor between dinosaurs and birds. Therefore, their legs resemble a human's, with non-diminuitive thigh bones, unlike a bird's. Their ancestors did not fully evolve flight, nor did they lose their claws, unlike birds. Due to convergent evolution, they do perspire.

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Purple Planet and Moon - Elements of thi

Unknown Origins

This is a purple world that Ni'vim would see in her visions during volume 1. Not much is known about it.

What could this planet be?

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What Ni'vim Saw (Part 1)

A city of an unknown people

Ni'vim sketched this picture of what she saw in one of her visions. What could this be? A futuristic city? Ni'vim finds it hard to understand because her tribe is rather primitive and does not have much mastery of 'technology.' (Illustrated by me)

City 1 Improved.png
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What Ni'vim Saw (Part 2)

Another city of an unknown people

In another vision, Ni'vim saw this. What could it be? (Illustrated by me)

City 2 Improved.png
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